LYSDRAP collectie - Lysdrap
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Duvet covers with embroidery

Looking for a duvet cover that looks appealing? At Lysdrap, we offer no less than 17 finishes AND 50 colours for our duvet covers with embroidery. These have all been finished in Egyptian cotton, satin, luxury percale or 100% linen. Tell us what you need and together we look for AND find your duvet cover!

Bed linen with a subtle jacquard design

Lysdrap is known for its high quality and the bed linen in this collection makes this stand out like no other.


In this collection, we emphasize colours, colours that originate from travels around the world… deep red from the Indian villages, classic colours one also finds in Romanesque buildings or the fresh colours from Scandinavia.

Trend collection

Contemporary trends are the basis of this collection. Our own, exclusive designs are printed onto satin, that is identical to the satin that is used for the FINISHES and the MULTICOLOURS.