Assortiment - Lysdrap
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Quality: that is what the brand name Lysdrap stands for since many decennia. Our collections of bed linen are almost exclusively made from Egyptian cotton and the design and creation are only done in our own, brand-new workshop in Deerlijk. Thanks to our 80 years of experience, we offer you luxurious sleeping comfort and a perfect service. Looking for an extra dimension in the world of sleeping? In that case, the Lysdrap bed linen is the perfect answer to your question.


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Purity has a very close link with Lysdrap. THE main difference between the two, is that Purity makes up the range in which ‘What you see is what you get’ is the motto. What we mean by this? Purity makes no concessions for what quality is concerned, but offers a somewhat smaller number of colours, and does this in a number of standard measurements. Purity consists of three qualities: satin, luxury percale and luxury percale easy white (the latter requiring a minimum of ironing).


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Hugsland consists of bed linen and pillow covers in which the smallest among us can literally dream away. The collection tells a story of flannel and cotton, that little ones just love. Be honest: what young boy or girl says no to the company of a shrewd fox, a roguish rabbit or a tough bear when going to sleep?


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