B2B - Lysdrap
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Lysdrap is also active on the residential market, but situates its future growth mainly in a business to business environment. Lysdrap has all of the weapons it needs in its brand-new workshop, to meet the most demanding questions of the project market. It works hard on the development of partnerships with other companies, and in doing so helps the customer shine when he or she launches his own creations, thanks to the use of Lysdrap’s own design and production department. And this naturally also (far) outside of the national borders.


On the b2b market, the name Lysdrap penetrates ever further, especially when talking about the world of hospitality. Especially in the high segment, hotels, bed and breakfasts, residences,… appreciate our bed, bath and table linen very much. We can lay a lot of trump cards on the table for very demanding customers: 100% working to measure, the possibility to deliver even very small quantities and – not to forget – a service level that is extended further than anywhere else.